Mergers & acquisitions


We provide the full range of legal advice required for the preparation and implementation of successfull corporate acquisitions and disposals for both domestic and international transactions. We are also on hand to provide advice once the project has been completed, because your corporate responsibility does not end when a contract is signed.


We have a wealth of experience in relation to the takeover of listed companies as well as the acquisition and disposal of companies not listed on the stock market. Both types of transaction provide for their own unique challenges and require fundamentally different approaches. The same is true when companies are purchased or sold as part of a restructuring process or insolvency situation.


No two situations are alike, which is why a contract template from the drawer is never a proper solution. Our advice is therefore always tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. We start by understanding your business objectives. On this basis, we then work with you to develop our process strategy and negotiation tactics. All of this flows into the negotiations and contracts.